Buffalo Trail Public School Division #28

Welding Art Program

Dual Credit Program Overview

The Dual Credit Programs enable students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school.

The program consists of college-level courses developed by a partnership between our School Division and Lakeland College where classroom and laboratory opportunities are offered to students to student a trade.

Detailed information at the Alberta Education website can be found here

Carpenter Program

  • Delivery: (Blended) VC and Lakeland College, Vermilion Campus
  • How does it work? Students choose from a list of trades that are available for the upcoming year. Once they are accepted, students learn theory during the weekday afternoons during the school day. Shop time is completed during scheduled weekdays and non instructional days are also utilized for lab and theory components. In total, students complete 180 hours of theory and 180 hours of hands-on shop time. A maximum of 12 students are allowed to enroll in the program, which contributes to quality instruction in a safe learning environment.
  • Eligible students: Grade 11-12 students need to be prepared for the expectations and rigors of post-secondary learning. Students interested in participating must be approved by their high school.
  • List of trades may include:
    1. First period Carpenter Program
    2. First period Welder Program
    3. First period Automotive Service Technician
    4. First period Parts Technician Online

Welder at work

Fast Facts

  • Each Dual Credit program is modeled on a comparable introductory college course in the respective trade.
  • Each program culminates in a standardized college-level assessment for that trade.
  • Dual Credit Exams are given in May each year at Lakeland College.


Completion of these programs can help students:

  • Success in these programs on a student’s transcript shows that they have challenged themselves with a keen interest in a particular career. And their success shows that they’re ready for college-level coursework.
  • Earn college credit and/or skip introductory courses in college.
  • These programs will grant students credit and/or placement when applying to a participating Alberta college.