The Buffalo Trail School Division


We are accepting applications for homestays for

the 2021-2022 school year, visit our Application page.

Host families are carefully selected, here is how:

Students have the opportunity to live in a safe, secure environment with a Canadian family while attending school.

  1. Families are interviewed

    • have had references checked

    • have passed a police record check

    • have passed an Alberta Child Welfare check

    • are enthusiastic to receive international students

    • Homes are inspected.

  2. Student profiles and family profiles are developed based on information provided by both the student and the family.

  3. From this information, the student is matched with the best possible family to meet their needs.

  4. The student's parents are sent the family profiles as well as photos of the family and home so they can feel comfortable about the home that is selected for their child

  5. The student's parents have final approval about the home choice for their child.

After students arrive in Canada:

  1. Students are asked to arrive one week ahead of the start date for their program.

  2. The program length is either one or two semesters (August 30-January 31 or February 1-June 30).

  3. Homestay parents will pick up their student at the airport

  4. They welcome him/her into their home providing all the support and guidance they would their own child.

  5. They also supply the student with their own bedroom, desk, dresser, bed and provide three meals and two snacks a day.

  6. Students are responsible for all of their personal expenditures such as clothes, books, personal supplies etc. If they wish to take part in an activity like hockey, these additional costs are the responsibility of the student.

Ongoing support:

  1. BTPS Coordinators meet with students and homestay families throughout the year.

  2. The coordinators are always available to help and support our students, their parents, and the homestay families. Any questions or concerns either participant may have, are addressed.

  3. We encourage all parents to communicate with the BTPS Coordinators regarding their child's homestay accommodations in order to ensure all of your child's needs are met.

Student Forms and Information Brochures

How to become a Homestay family